The wind does not often blow through the steamy bayou but when it does, a story is sure to follow.

Way back in the bayou country lies Crawdad County. The Spanish moss on the live oaks hangs so thick that unless you look especially closely, you might not notice rickety Alligator Acres, huddled cozily upon the water s edge. Its country just teeming with folks, a friendly kind of place Cecil, the alligator, calls home. Back beyond live Cecil’s neighbors, including little Woo, the armadillo, and a zebra named Eloise. Just how a zebra came to be there is a story for another time. The wind is blowing tonight, there’s a distant fiddle singing, and the story we are here to tell is about the Crawdad County dance of Eloise, who didn’t quite fit in, and of Cecil and Woo, who made sure that she did.

Too Big To Dance


Dive down into the deep blue sea on a journey into the mysterious and wonderful world of the deep.

Past rollicking seals, kaleidoscopes of kelp, and anemone gardens. See the bounty of the ocean floor in velvet colors and waving fingers of undulating anemones among bottom crustaceans. Delighted by the colors, the textures, the ebullient life peeking back at you. Explore the bottom peek around corners see what lurks in shadowy crevices. Come back up to the surface and breathe in the brine as the crackling foam of a receding waves goes back from whence it came. Anderson lovingly reproduces the intricate details of the ocean’s creatures with her signature cut-paper collage style, and delves deep into the experience that is the sea. But her remarkable artwork does more than that it transforms the experience of being among the sea life she admires and respects into a unique immersion of color and fluidity of the senses, prickly brine, and crackling foam delving far into her imaginative creations and experience. Dive on into her exquisite undersea world!

Octopus Oyster

“…what makes the book fun to look at is the flood of lively images, all rendered—flowers, shops, streets, and people—as though composed of colored-paper cutouts ingeniously arranged…”

—Roger Downey, from Pike Place Portraits: A lively art book introduces kids to a Seattle landmark

A Day at the Market

A read-aloud book Some of My Best Friends Are Polka-Dot Pigs is narrated by a young artist. The book tells a delightful tale filled with silly shenanigans, charming nonsense rhymes, and brilliantly colored cut-paper pictures, all inspired by her diverse and lovable circle of best friends. It’s a lively and touching tribute to the beauty of color, the joy of individuality, and the gift of friendship.

Sara Anderson’s bright, bold artwork is the perfect compliment to her rhyming verse as she tickles the fancy of young children who already know that friendship has many shapes and sizes.

Some of My Best Friends Are Polka-Dot Pigs


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