They’re back! They stack!

These bold, beautifully designed nesting blocks stack in a gorgeous, almost-three-foot-tall tower and celebrate numbers 1 to 10 in style! The tiniest cube (1) shows one butterfly, one caterpillar, one stripe, one dot–and of course the number 1. Reflecting a friendly farm and food theme, the blocks feature a bunny and carrots, horse and apples, dog and bones, pig and corn, cow and milk even cat and mice! Young children will delight in the simple acts of stacking and demolishing, while building vital skills such as counting, color and number identification, motor coordination, patterning, sorting and sequencing. Hours of happy play! (Baby to preschool)

Numbers and Colors Nesting Blocks


All the color, motion, and sounds of a big city compressed into a high-energy board book whose shape echoes the urban skyline.

This oversized board book traces a city across the span of a night- filled with the people, traffic, parks, streets, stores, and buildings that make up the town. The breadth of the urban experience may be all found here: from the bicyclist lazily gliding through the park to the raucous swooshhhh of traffic; from the clanging crash of construction work to the quiet of a sweeping streetscape as seen from a high-floor apartment building. Vibrant colors that zing with the heat rising from a steaming sidewalk are perfectly matched to a syncopated, sound filled, chant again-and-again text. Ingeniously die-cut pages reinforce the experience of the city skyline in a stylish pair of books that represent a tour-de-force performance by Sara Anderson.

Noisy City Night


Whoosh swoosh, traffic jam.
Up ahead, brakes go slam.
Horn blast, sirens passed,
squealing, screeching

Noisy City Day


Brightly colored illustrations show numbered articles from one bird to ten cars.

“We were given this and other of Sara’s books when our daughter was born. She started to get interested in the books we were reading to her when she was around 6 months old, and this is one of her favorites. She’s almost 1 year old now, and this is still a go-to that we can read to her, and she can interact with. The colors are deep and ask to be touched.”



…Color–from fire-engine red to grasshopper green…

The innovative conceptual design features thick, sturdy, boldly colorful cardboard pages of graduated lengths, so from the first page, children will work their way through a rainbow. The very last spread, black, cleverly incorporates all the previously shown colors and whimsical images in Anderson’s signature cut-paper style. A unique introduction to color for the preschool set.



“…what makes the book fun to look at is the flood of lively images, all rendered—flowers, shops, streets, and people—as though composed of colored-paper cutouts ingeniously arranged…”

—Roger Downey, from Pike Place Portraits: A lively art book introduces kids to a Seattle landmark

A Day at the Market


Market-fresh vegetables sumptuous to the eye, named in playful rhyme that’s delightful to the ears.

A board book for babies, full of wholesome, hearty goodness. This rhythmic nourishment will set baby on the right path to eating healthy food for years to come. Beautiful, colorful, cut-paper style images of vegetables from broccoli to zucchini are presented in a rhythmic sequence: Celery-rhubarb-cucumber-bean / potato-tomato-yellow and green; making vegetables not only the subject for a sound body but for a sound mind.



Market-fresh fruit sumptuous to the eye, named in playful rhyme that’s delightful to the ears.

This rhythmic nourishment will set baby on the right path to eating healthy food for years to come. Beautiful, colorful, cut-paper style images of fruit from pineapple to mango are presented in a rhythmic sequence: Huckleberry-strawberry- watermelon-plum/ apricot-mango Let’s have some! In this book, the juicy sensuousness of fruit comes alive and drips down your chin!



Una introducción única al mundo de los números / A unique introduction to counting

Two ladybugs, three cherries, four watermelon slices… preschoolers will have fun counting the cheerful images playfully rendered in Anderson’s unique cut-paper style. Thick, sturdy pages of graduated lengths allow the pages to get bigger right along with the numbers.



What is red/rojo? A fire truck!
What is blue/azul? The sky!

Anderson joyfully introduces toddlers to her all-time favorite thing–color–from fire-truck rojo to grasshopper verde. The innovative conceptual design features sturdy cardboard pages of graduated lengths, so that from the very first page, children will journey through a rainbow of beautiful cut-paper-style images as they see both the Spanish and English words for each color. Una introducción única al color.



Una introducción única a los colores de lo que comemos / A unique introduction to the color we eat.

Bold, cut-paper illustrations capture a jubilant explosions of green/verde in a giant vegetable garden, the irresistible purple/morado of grapes on a grapevine, and of course the reddest roja of the shiniest, most perfect apple on the apple tree.

Apples Are Red
La Manzana es Roja


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